Kate Benton nominated for 2 RTS Awards! (21st November 2013)
Kate Benton
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Industry Professional Makeup Artist


Mark Schwann - Exec producer/Director

The Royals - E television.

You and your team are truly the best. Marie and Jamey are wonderful and Rachel and Tonia were perfect additions. Even the day players were great. And you lead them all with grace and talent. Well done. Thanks for perservering. We'll fix it. Together.

Next day i see you will be a great day



Nick Murphy - Exec Producer/Director

The Last Kingdom - Carnival Films for BBC America

I don’t know where to start. And once I start thanking you both I don’t think
I’ll know where to stop. 

You and your department have been more brilliant
and inspiring than any I’ve known. Not a foot wrong. Not even a toe, at least
none I spotted. But more than that you created a wonderful, wonderful, textured
and plausible aesthetic that delivered what I believed the series needed and so,
so much more. 

You are the dog’s bollocks you two. Hanging there side by
side, swinging in the wind!!! 

And more to the point you are such utterly
lovely people. I always felt lucky to be in your company, quite apart from the
work you were doing. Just nice to chat to and know. 

Please accept the
warmest of hugs. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed working on this project and if
there is anything I can do for either of you in future then, for what it’s
worth, please ask. (Except actually employing you again of course. One can have
too much of a good thing, you know!). 

Much love to you both.

Dear Kate

i just wanted to write to thank you SO much for everything on A Young Doctor's Notebook.  You were absolutely AMAZING.  You ( and your brilliant team) absolutely knocked it out of the park - every day it was amazing - the speed that you worked, at a feature film level, and above all how you managed to bring the characters to life in such an extraordinary and unique way....I'm blown away by your genius.  Thank you so, so much.  I know how much hard work and talent went into it from your end..... it was such a joy to work with you. And i hope you know how much the whole cast and crew adored you and your team!  Thank you again for everything.

Alex Hardcastle 

Director A Young Doctors Notebook



Hi Kate

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU  for your fantastic work on our Harold Shipman drama reconstruction.  The cast make up and hair looked amazing and everyone on set commented on how brilliant the transformations were.  I know it was a busy shoot for you - thanks for being so professional and fast on set and i hope to work with you again on future projects. 

Michelle Fraser

Producer  Harold Shipman - ten years on.



Thank you for all your brilliant invention, commitment and good grace. I hope we get the opportunity to collaborate on another project......

The variation, the individuality, the subtle linking of characters through texture - such a hard thing to navigate without making it cliche 'biblical'; the make up , Kate , how you have rung the changes with each of the family and the texture of that and how it reflects the unity of the family, even in the hair.....

television is  so rushed these days, it's not often you get the chance to work this way let alone discuss it!   So much appreciated

Kenny Glanaan

Director ..... The Ark


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